Police Academy Preparation Recruit Training offers preparation for all New Jersey Police Academy recruits. Long selection processes may disillusion an unprepared recruit and cause them to lose their drive and focus, which may result in termination. Ultimately, losing the opportunity to acquire your dream career. Physical fitness and firearms qualifications claim the most victims. We are law enforcement professionals and fitness experts who are committed to prepare you for success. Whether it's personal training, firearms, Drill & Ceremony or academics, we have the qualified personnel to prepare you to complete the process and earn the badge.


Qualified Police Training Commission Firearms instructors will work one on one with both the experienced and new shooter to safely handle and discharge service firearms. Instructors will evaluate, diagnose and correct improper techniques and poor habits which might impede attaining a passing score on the required Police Qualification Courses of fire. Police Academy instructors will not give you individualized remedial instruction in order to qualify. Our instructors will. If you don't qualify on the academy range, you are dismissed. Don't lose your dream career due to what is often a correctable factor.


Police recruits often find the most challenging aspect of police academies to be the required Physical Training portion.  Often a recruit reports to the academy hoping to get in shape.  You are expected to be in shape on Day 1 and to continually improve.  You should not report for training un-prepared or under-prepared.  Our program will offer you a Certified Master Physical trainer who will perform a comprehensive physical conditioning evaluation and outline a fitness plan.  Recruits are required to successfully complete a pre-admission physical fitness assessment prior to the academy.  Will you be ready?


Prepare for mind games. They (the D.I’s) will try to weed out the weak links. They want to see if you can handle stress. Don't panic, you'll be ready with our program!.  The last thing a recruit wants is to stand out to a Drill Instructor by executing a left face when the entire academy makes a right face!  Experienced instructors will demonstrate the proper mechanics of Drill and Ceremony and work with the student to mentally prepare you for the psychological stress you will be subjected to.  Law Enforcement is a high stress career and in situations where things seem out of control, sometimes the only thing you can control is yourself....so that's a good place to start.


Police Academies are not only rigorous physically and mentally but academically as well. The majority of a recruits time will be spent on classroom work learning the most important aspects of criminal law, case law, Attorney General Guidelines motor vehicle code and professional development. The Police training Commission has identified some of these subjects as "Critical Performance Objectives". These must be passed to graduate. If you are having trouble grasping the important concepts needed to pass, our high ranking, top scoring Instructors will be available to work closely with our students to breakdown and comprehend the required information.


Danny Sollitti

Deputy Police Chief

Daniel Sollitti is a Deputy Chief for a large urban New Jersey Police Department. With 27 years' experience, he is a Graduate of the 253rd Session of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA. This training includes completion of a rigorous physical training program culminating in the "Yellow Brick Road" a 6 mile Marine Corps obstacle course through the woods. Deputy Chief Sollitti has been certified by the NJ Police Training Commission as an Instructor for both recruits and advanced in-service courses at NJ academies. Deputy Chief Sollitti has been a top scorer on promotional exams scoring in the top percentile statewide.


Master Personal Trainer

Ricardo Alas has been a Master Group/Personal Fitness Trainer for over 10 years. His credentials are as follows: AFFA Certified as Group Fitness/ Kickboxing Instructor, NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), MMA Certified Trainer and certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). He has improved the lives of several thousand diverse clients. He is dedicated and available to all clients willing to accept his vigorous and productive training program. Ricardo Alas is recognized as a true leader in the field and admits his core belief is “with sweat and determination you will succeed!”


Police Academy Prep Recruit Training


8 training sessions

Two weeks of training for 1-2 hours per day. (Monday - Thursday) before the academy start date.

  • Physical Training including fitness assessment.
  • Drill and Ceremony Instruction.
  • Uniform & Equipment Check.


per hour

Special saving for our Physical Conditioning "Track" students
High ranking instructors available for tutoring during the academy.


per hour

High ranking instructors available for tutoring for non "Track" students during the academy.


per hour

Instruction from a qualified Police Training Commission certified Police Firearms Instructor to improve marksmenship and safely handle service weapons.

  • Range costs included.
  • Student required to provide or purchase 500 rounds of ammunition for training.


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Police Academy Prep

Police Academy Preparation Recruit Training offers preparation for an incoming academy recruit. You’ve come this far in a long and competitive process. Don’t get left behind. Why not prepare yourself with the best tools to complete your career goal?! Let us assist you in preparing for the challenges you are about to face.